Chris Brown type beat with hook – Power

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Chris Brown type beat with hook – “Power”

Chris Brown type beat with hook

Don’t know why I hadn’t added this Chris Brown type club beat to the site yet. Anyway, check it out in the player below.

About this Chris Brown type Club Beat with hook

This instrumental with hook is an undeniable hit beat. However, there is a catch. Namely, you can not lease this instrumental.

Yes, that’s right. Why? You must be asking yourself. Well, it’s simple. The beat contains a sample that has not been cleared. Even though many producers online would not mind selling the type beat with hook without mentioning, I’d rather not.

Nevertheless, you can still come here and listen to it. If I get the time, I might even make a version of this Chris Brown type beat with hook that does not contain a sample. I’d just replace the sounds in the beat.

Misc info & links

If you have any questions regarding this Chris Brown type beat with hook you can email me.
You can find my contact info in the top bar on the right side. This also applies to any other type questions regarding my instrumentals with hooks.

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Chris Brown type beat with hook

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