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Top 4: Pop beats for sale

Below you can find a selection of top pop beats for sale.

Adele type pop piano instrumental “Wanderer”

“Wanderer” is an emotionally strong pop piano ballad in the style of Adele or Sia. If you are a good singer you can make a hit with this pop piano type instrumental. More of this is coming sooner than you think!

21 Pilots type hip-pop beat “Not Slowing Down”

Not Slowing Down” is a Twenty One Pilots type hip hop / pop beat that has huge commercial potential. A song to an pop instrumental like this can really break your career into maintstream.

Pharrell type pop instrumental “Magic”

Magic” is a funk / pop instrumental in the style of Pharrell Williams or Daft Punk. I never hear these kind of beats online even though it’s a genre of instrumental music that artists would want to make a song to.

Rihanna type pop beat “How It Beez”

How It Beez” is a bombastic type pop beat in the style of Rihanna. It has great horn and rhythmic sections. More pop instrumental beats in this style are coming soon. Ill make sure to include some with hooks as well.

pop beats
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pop beats for sale

Buy pop beats online – Why here?

There are a few reasons to use Freek van Workum as your “go to” producer for pop beats.

First of all, Freek is one of the few online producers that has industry experience. He has produced records that went on to sell millions of copies worldwide and has received a variety of Gold and Platinum plaques as a result of that.
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In addition, Freek has a lot of experience. Van Workum has produced and sold thousands of rap & pop instrumental beats to independent artists online. Rappers and singers alike frequently return to buy his beats because the they are of great quality.

Lastly, Freek is very client friendly. Most of the time, he is willing to work with any type of budget. Also, accept spayment plans (if reasonable) and custom beat inquiries as well. All inquiries we treat with respect and care.

Concluding, your musical project is in great hands here!

Licensing information

We offer a variety of licenses. For instance, we have a license for pop beats in mp3, wav trackouts and also unlimited lease format. The terms to lease beats vary per producer. So when you buy pop instrumentals online, it’s probably wise to inspect the license specifics.

However, if you can’t find what you need then we can make you a custom license as well!

Also, if you need exclusive beats feel free to contact us!

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