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Not all trap & rap instrumentals with guitar should have clearcut and straight forward melodies and progressions.

If you're looking for more abstract and ambient type of sounds (think of Post Malone and JuiceWrld type beats) then this guitar instrumental could work for you.

Have you heard the hook on this track?

"Part Of Me" could be a hit!

"By My Lonely" is a trap beat with guitar in the style of Lil Baby or Trippie Redd.

This guitar instrumental beat has a specifically catchy main riff. 

This guitar beat is an underdog anthem.

It's hard not to feel this one!

"Addicted" is a free guitar type beat with hook.

It's sound reminds of songs by Eminem, NF or Hopsin.

It's infectious. The melody of the guitar riff is soothing to the ear and you don't get tired of it.

Lastly, the mood of this acoustic beat with guitar is sad and dark. Perfect to write a serious rap song too.


Personal Favorite Guitar Type Beat

"Wise Man Told Me" is probably more of a personal favorite than a best seller.

This guitar beat is an epic country rap beat with a super catchy hook.

Artists with a sound similar to Yelawolf, Post Malone or even Eminem would sound great on this guitar instrumental.

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