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G Eazy type beat “Blunt Knives”

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NEW G Eazy Instrumental online

A Short Introduction…

Why would you google for a G Eazy Instrumental if you can get great original beats? Today, I uploaded this G Eazy type instrumental to Youtube. You can listen to it in the player below.

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About this G Eazy Instrumental type beat

Firstly, welcome to FreekvanWorkum.Net. Nevertheless, let’s go straight to the point.

“Blunt Knives” is an instrumental you could easily hear G Eazy on. First of all, it has a dark (almost depressing) tone that G Eazy is known for.

Besides that, it also has a very modern sound selection. For instance, modern vocal cuts that are used often in today’s hip hop. Notably, this happens to be a sound that you often hear in a g eazy instrumental.

Furthermore, have you heard the drums? No regular trap 808 drumsounds but colorful acoustic sounds instead. Im tired of hearing the same old formulas. That’s why I decided to switch it up for this G Eazy-ish instrumental.

Lastly, if “Blunt Knives” was not what you hoped it to be then maybe you can try “Complicated“. This is another G Eazy type instrumental of mine.

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