bruno mars type beat

Bruno Mars type beat “Good Day”

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guitar instrumental (bruno mars type beat)

Bruno Mars type beat – Guitar instrumental

“Good Day” is a happy Guitar Instrumental in the style of Bruno Mars. Listen to it in the Youtube player below.


This happy instrumental is perfect for pop singers or rappers. You can hear artists like Bruno Mars, Robin Thicke or Pharrell on similar beats all the time.

The cream on the cake is the whistle on the hook. It really ties together the feel of this instrumental. It’s performed by singer/songerwriter Garrett Raff. Also, Garrett is a great singer as well. So aside whistle’s, it’s possible to him for hooks and reference as well.

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happy guitar instrumental - bruno mars type beat

Also, More guitar instrumentals are uploaded soon. However, the difference between rap beats and pop beats is that the latter take a lot more time to succesfully produce. In the meanwhile, maybe you want to hear / check out the Yelawolf type beat “Wise Man Told Me” which is filled with dope acoutic guitar work.
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