Kehlani type beat - Circus (acoustic guitar type beat)

Kehlani type beat with guitar – Circus 🎪 |

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NEW: Kehlani type beat - Circus

Chill Kehlani type beat - Circus

I can write a thousands words on why this beat is a must have.

However, let's keep it simple. 

First of all, the main treat in "Circus" is an acoustic guitar progression that's really easy to get into.

Many people love this instrument and the way this particular riff is played is just very mainstream.

Secondly, this instrumental has a great bassline.

So in addition to the vibes of the guitar it also has a great groove.

Last but not least, this Kehlani type instrumental is super versatile.

You can either choose to sing or rap on it.

So yes, this track could be a hit!

Also, feel free to contact us if you have any type of questions as well.




I like Kehlani! But now I want to hear some Drake type beats

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