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Get your femme fatale on using our Rihanna type beats!


Slay” is Rihanna type instrumental that could easily translate to a femme fatale anthem. It reminds of the sound Rihanna has been using on her classic records. For example, “Better Have My Money” or “Nothing Is Promised”. In case you are looking to hear more beats in this style, check out “RockStar” as wel. 

"Savage" is a Rihanna type of beat with a dark sound.  This Rihanna type beat has "bad gal" written all over it.

If you want to use this beat to make any type of money you will have to purchase a license. The beat will then automatically be send to your email address.

"Wagwan" is a catchy Rihanna type beat that merges trap & rap influences with reggae.A reggae trap type beat like this could have been a nice fit on her latest album. However, the track remains quite timeless.
People are always going to listen to rap and reggae music. So this Rihanna type reggae beat definitely has is a sound that will remain to be relevant.


We categorize our type instrumentals in order for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

In this category, you will find all Rihanna type beats produced by 3x platinum producer Freek van Workum.

Generally, Rihanna instrumentals are a mix of trap, rap, rnb and dancehall but she switches it up all the time.

For instance, there are dark, sad and hard Rihanna type instrumental beats and that is exactly what we offer here.

In addition, aside from the tracks we have in store already, we also offer custom Rihanna style tracks.

These are automatically exclusive and prices will depend on your exact needs.

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Lastly, we will add more instrumentals in Rihanna's style on a monthly if not weekly basis.

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