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Tyga type rap beat 2019 “Screech” 🚗 |

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NEW: Tyga type rap instrumental beat "Screech"

Tyga type rap beat "Screech"

There's a high demand for Tyga type beats right now so I figure I'll just keep dropping these.

They're fun to make and it's generally a genre I like to listen to.

Anyway, check out "Screech" in the player below. Enjoy!



"Screech" is a club banger instrumental in the style of Tyga.

It has all the elements you would expect of a club rap beat.

For example, uptempo drums, deep pounding basis and an infectious melody as well.

You can listen to this Tyga type rap beat 2019 in using one of the embedded players below.

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I like Tyga! But now I want to hear some Drake type beats

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