Yelawolf type beat “Wise Man Told Me”

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New Yelawolf type beat

Hiphop meets southern rock on this yelawolf type beat. Lot of energy and emotion in this beat. Check it out in the Youtube player below:

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Reversed pianos, raw guitars, raw background vocals and hard hip hop drums. That about sums up what this yelawolf type rap beat consists of. However, it’s recommended that you listen all the way through until the hook since that contains another few more elements that make this hiphop beat elevate to another level. Correct, that’s the part the instrumental really opens up.

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The instrumental at hand is a guitar based rap beat with a similar style to “Wise Man Told Me”. If you like it, you can buy the beat on their website where they have a lot of other rap beats for sale as well.

Yelawolf type rap beat

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