Free Young Thug Type Beat With Hook

"Way Up" (trap beat with hook)
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"Way Up" is a Young Thug type trap beat with hook (song idea) for someone that's feeling accomplished.

You get through a couple of hurdles and feel confident about yourself and the future.

That's what the hook is about.

It's carried by a trap beat that has a vintage organ and catchy lo-fi flute melody. 

Basically, all instruments that you hear in Young Thug type beats all the time.

However, this beat with hook is free to download.

You can use it for any type of non-profit or fair use.


Hook lyrics: 

Now we aint gotta live no more

From check to check

Mama, please dont worry about me

I got racks

Im way up, way way up

Yeah Im way up, way way up

Im way up, way way up

A ***** like me going way up

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