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Prod. By Freek van Workum

Below you can find a selection of major label artists Freek has worked with.
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In addition, if you want to view FvW’s full list of production credits you are most welcome to send us an Email. We’ll send you a full list!

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Beats for sale prod. by Freek van Workum – Why lease or buy beats online here?

First of all, Freek van Workum is a seasoned producer that has the neccesary experience. He’s been involved in music making for a long time. Let me elaborate.

FvW started his musical journey at the age of 14 when his father bought him his first guitar. Essentially, Freek learned to play rock en metal. These genres became influences that you can still recognize in some of his current music production.

However, his musical taste slowly transferred from rock to hip hop, rap and pop music. After the bandlife didn’t interest him anymore he started to produce beats and instrumentals.. Fast forward to 2017, Freek almost has 20 years of experience as a musician. Now, not many producers that lease beats online have that same level of expertise.

Secondly, Freek has had success in the music industry. So far, he earned 2 gold– and 2 platinum plaques for his production. Obviously, if major artists buy beats online from Freek he must have quality instrumentals for sale. If that is not a good reason to buy rap beats at, then what is? Check out our credits and pick your purchase from our beats for sale!

Finally, Freek’s produces instrumentals in different styles. Unlike many other online producers, Freek is not bound to a specific genre. Meaning you have higher chances of finding the sound you need and finding beats with a unique sound.

Since the music market is so saturated you need to stand out. You need to sound different. Surely, having a producer that is a trained guitarist and pianist is a great help there.

Concluding, ithere are very few online producers with Freek’s experience. If any at all.
So check out our beats for sale and make your purchase.

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Multi Platinum producer Freek van Workum