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"Wolves" is a hiphop beat with hook that addresses subjects of loyalty and perseverance.

Definitely a beat that you can hear artists such as Eminem or NF rapping to.

If you're for similar type instrumentals check out our Eminem type instrumentals with hooks.

"No Apologies" is dark rap beat instrumental with hook in the style of Eminem or Post Malone

This is the type of hook beat that could be a big hit.

Although it has a dramatic tone to it has a lot of commercial appeal just by the vocal alone.

"Point Of No Return" is a dark Eminem type instrumental with hook.

This chorus on this beat is about going to far. About losing control completely:

"Lost control. Yeah we let the fire burn. Passed the point of no return".

Obviously, when you read it like that in doesn't make that much sense.  You'll just have to get and press that play button to find out about this dark type beat with hook!

If artists such as Post Malone, MGK, Lil Peep, Juice Wlrd inspire you will relate to "Negative Thougths".

This sad beat with hook has a somewhat depressed vibe. At the same time, it's very uptempo and supported by a strong rhythmic section.

For instance, hard hip hop drums, deep 808 bass, you name it. We made sure this track never gets boring and honestly. Lastly the vocal hook on this beat is really out of this world!

"Profit" is a rap beat with hook that has a bit of a West Coast touch.

It reminds of sounds by Nipsey Hussle or Roddy Rich.

If you like it and want to hear a similar hook type beat check out BIG.

Free Beats With Hook

"Let It Go" is a dark trap rap beat with a slow tempo. This instrumental has sound that reminds of NF, 6Lack, G Eazy and even earlier work by Drake.

As long as you give proper credit ("prod. by Freek van Workum") you can use this free beat with hook for non profit purposes.


Let It Go (with hook) - download link

"Liar" is a free instrumental with vocal hook that has a catchy guitar riff as the lead sound. This type beat hook reminds of artists with a sound such as Eminem, Logic or Joyner Lucas for instance.

Feel free to download this beat with hook using the link below. 

This free hook type beat is delivered in mp3 quality.

For higher quality delivery files (WAV or WAV trackouts please purchase the neccesary license from the player up top.

More free tracks with chorus are comnig soon!

Liar (with hook) - download link

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