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Rap Instrumental With Hook “Regrets” [2021]

Rap Instrumental with Hook - "Regrets"

Eminem type beat 2021
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"Regrets" is a dark rap instrumental with hook that has a dark Eminem or NF type of sound.

The beat's driven by a catchy acoustic guitar riff and strong hiphop drums.

The instrumental's chorus is quite sophisticated.

Both lyrically & melodically.

Not just any artist can perform hooks like this which is probably one of the reason everybody like this hook type beat.

Check it out for yourself!

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Beat Info

"Regrets" - Rap Instrumental Beat w/Hook

🖊️Hook lyrics:

All I have is all of my regrets

Im holding on to all of my tears and all of my secrets

Yeah I shouldve told you everything but I kept it all inside

Now all I have is all of my with me tonight


Tempo: 72bpm
Key: Gmin
DAW: Cubase 11

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Eminem style Rap Beat Instrumental with Hook - "Regrets" (beat with male chorus)

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