drake type beat with hook (smooth)

“I Got U” – Drake Type Beat (with hook) | Prod by Freek van Workum

Drake Type Beat With Hook - "I Got U"

Rnb Rap Instrumental With Hook
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🖊️Chorus lyrics:

You know Ima ride for u
Never lie, yeah I got u
When everybody slide, Im the one by your side yeah i got you
I put it all on the line to show you i got u

The first Drake type instrumental with hook on the website and it's an anthem.

"I Got U" has major commercial appeal. The type of beat with hook you could hear when you walk into a store.

Personally, I can hear many artists on these types of instrumentals with hooks.

For example, Drake, Tory Lanez or even Ty Dolla Sign.

Let me be honest, I just titled it a "Drake type beat" because he's more popular than the other picks.

Anyway, hope you like what you heard and will take some time to check our more beats with chorus.


"I Got U". - rnb rap instrumental with hook (2021)

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