Rap Beat With Vocal Hook – LiE$

Rap Beat With Vocal Hook - LiE$

Eminem x Joyner Lucas Type Beat With Chorus
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🖊️Chorus lyrics:

Do you think Im stupid?
Do you think Im dumb?
How you think you can pull a fast one?
I can see the truth right under your tongue.

Are you telling me now these la la la LIES (x3)
Oh my, it's all lies, all lies, all lies!

"LiE$" is not one of the usual type beats with hooks.

It's special.

The hook vocal is outstanding.

Fist of all, it's not your regular autotune rap hook but great coherent songwriting plus an outstanding vocal performance.

In addition, the beat knocks like crazy.

The drums are super punchy and are very appealing rhytmically.

The instruments have a very raw sound which gives it a more traditional hiphop feel.

Put it all together and you certainly have one of the best free beats with vocal hooks available online today.

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"LiE$" (with hook) | Rap Beat With Vocal Hook (Joyner ft Eminem Type Beat).

rap beat with vocal hook

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