Trap Beat With Hook - By My Lonely (instrumental with hook)

Hip Hop Trap Type Beat With Hook – “By My Lonely”

Hip Hop Trap Beat With Hook – “By My Lonely”

Lil Durk x Lil Baby style

Beat Info

"by my lonely"


84 bpm

Cubase 11

🗊Hook lyrics:

Had dreams of driving raris and the Forbes list
Now a ni99a eating good, living fortunate
I done went tru struggles but for now Ill cry later
When nobody had my back I still managed to get my weight up

I did it by my lonely
Aint nobody taught me, aint nobody show me, yeah
Said i did it by lonely
Now that Im up don't be acting like you know me

2021 hiphop trap type beat with hook - "By My Lonely"

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