rap beat instrumental with hook

Eminem Style Rap Beat Instrumental with Hook

Rap Beat Instrumental with Hook - "No Apologies (pt3)

dark rap beat with hook

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"No Apologies" (pt 3)


70 bpm

Cubase 11

🗊Hook lyrics:

Dont be tryna give me no apologies

Take all of that bs leave it off for me

You fkkd up I dont know what you want from me

But its gonna take much more than apologies

2021 country rap type beat with hook - "Take Ur Place"


Updating the production for "No Apologies" has been on my todo list for quite a while.

It's a rap beat instrumental with hook that's loved by many. 

Proof is in the Youtube views.

However, I just couldn't seem to get to it.

Nevertheless, here we are!

I tried to modernize the beat (soundwise) as well as make the overall even darker than it was before.

That being said, I hope you guys will like this new remake of the "classic" and hope we can get it to even more views than the original!