post malone type beat with hook

Post Malone Type Beat – “Part Of Me” (beat with hook)

"Part Of Me" (with hook)

Post Malone type beat with hook

"Part Of Me" is a top of the bill Post Malone type beat with hook. This is the type of beat that you can score real big with. It's a hit, listen here:

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Beat Info

Free Post Malone type beat with hook

"Part Of Me"


75 bpm

Cubase 11


I been tryna find the things to say
To make you understand my mistakes

I just wish you never had to meet
The part of me that pushed you away

I can say Ive got nothing to hide
You already know my darkest side

I just wish you never had to meet
The part of me that pushed you away

"Part Of Me" - Post Malone Type Instrumental Beat With Hook

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