New instrumental with hook:

"Pain" - Rap Beat With Hook

Tempo: 135 beats per minute
Key: D#min
DAW: Cubase
Genre: Pain Trap/Rap

Hook Lyrics

I don’t wanna feel this right now
Don’t wanna feel this pain no more
I don’t wanna feel this right now
No, I don’t wanna feel this pain no more

"Pain" A Beat With Hook by Freek Van Workum

Unleash your creativity with “Pain,” a powerful rap beat with an evocative hook by Freek Van Workum. This instrumental is designed to convey deep emotion and intensity, making it the perfect trap or rap instrumental for artists looking to produce a track with a profound impact.

“Pain” Features:

An Emotionally Charged Hook: The centerpiece of this beat, the hook, captures a dark and emotional vibe that will resonate with listeners.

High-Quality Production: Signature production quality ensures an dark, sad and polished, professional sound in minor.

Versatile Use: Ideal for various rap styles (trap and hip hop alike) and themes, from personal struggles to storytelling tracks.

Easy Download: Available for immediate download, allowing you to start creating without delay.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a seasoned musician, “Pain” offers a compelling foundation for your next rap song. Dive into the emotional depths of this beat and let your lyrics shine against its powerful backdrop!

"Pain" - Beat With Hook

Prod By


Freek Van Workum is a renowned music producer and beatmaker, known for his exceptional ability to craft “Pain Rap Beats” – a style characterized by its emotional depth, soulful melodies, and raw intensity. With a keen ear for capturing the essence of struggle and resilience, Freek has become a go-to producer for artists seeking to infuse their music with authentic emotion.

Expertise in Pain Rap Beats

Freek Van Workum’s expertise in pain type beats is evidently hearable by his meticulous production techniques and his ability to create beats that resonate deeply with listeners. This style, popularized by artists such as Millyz, G Herbo and Lil Durk, blends poignant en emotional melodies with hard-hitting drums to create a soundscape that evokes powerful emotions. Freek’s beats stand out for their:

Emotional Depth: Freek’s beats are crafted to evoke a sense of pain and triumph, capturing complex emotions.

Deep Emotive Hooks: The hooks in his beats are memorable and haunting, providing the perfect foundation for artists to tell their stories.

High-Quality Production: With years of experience and a deep understanding of music production, Freek ensures that every beat is polished and professional.

Collaborations and Influence

Freek Van Workum has collaborated with numerous artists, helping them bring their visions to life through his expertly crafted beats. Freek has contributed to a variety of notable projects in the modern trap and rap scene,  particularly in the “pain rap” subgenre. 

Freek van Workum


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Production Credits

Freek van Workum produces for industry major label artists such as 21 Savage, 2 Chainz, Yungeen Ace, Tech N9ne, Kehlani, Kid Ink, Lil Yachty, YG, Tyga and many more.

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