Enemies Rap Beat (w/Hook)

"Enemies" - Rap Beat With Hook

Tempo: 150 beats per minute
Key: G minor
DAW: Cubase
Title: Enemies Rap Beat
Genre: Pain Trap/Rap Beat 

Hook Lyrics

I’m gonna write a song for my enemies
So my choppa won’t turn them in to memories
I’m gonna write a song for my enemies
Keep my friends close And that chopper close

Enemies Rap Beat With Hook

Get ready to write some intense lyrics with “Enemies,” a hard-hitting rap beat with a captivating hook, produced by Freek van Workum. This beat blends intense rhythms with a memorable hook, creating the perfect backdrop for your next track. Whether you’re laying down fierce verses or delivering smooth flows, “Enemies” provides the energy and structure to elevate your music.

“Enemies” Features:

Hard-Hitting Drums: Powerful and punchy trap/hip-hop drum patterns that drive the energy of the track.

Catchy Hook: A memorable hook that grabs attention and enhances the overall vibe.

Dynamic Arrangement: A well-structured composition that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish.

Download Ready: after you buy the beat it’s available for immediate download!

Concluding, if you are an artists looking to make a standout track in the trap or rap genre, “Enemies” is an ideal choice!

"Enemies" - Rap Instrumental With Hook

Prod By


Freek van Workum is a distinguished music producer and beatmaker, celebrated for his talent in crafting rap beats with hooks that resonate deeply with artists and listeners alike. With a keen ear for musical intricacies and a passion for innovative soundscapes, Freek has established himself as a go-to producer in the hip-hop and rap scene.

Mastered Rap Beats With Hooks

Hailing from the Netherlands, Freek’s journey in music production began at an early age. His dedication to mastering his craft has led to a unique style characterized by hard-hitting drums, compelling hooks, and dynamic arrangements. His beats are not just rhythms; he mixes in hooks that make for stories that provide the perfect canvas for artists to paint their lyrical masterpieces.

Freek’s ability to create catchy hooks sets him apart in the crowded field of beatmakers. His hooks are known for their infectious melodies and memorable lines, making each track instantly recognizable and leaving a lasting impression. This skill has attracted a diverse range of artists who seek to elevate their music with high-quality production.

Many take a liking to these rap beats with hooks. For instance, his “beats with hooks” YouTube channel has almost 500,000 subscribers by the time of writing!

Over the years, Freek has collaborated with numerous artists, contributing to tracks that have garnered over a billion of streams across various platforms. His commitment to excellence and his innovative approach to beatmaking have earned him a reputation as a producer who consistently delivers top-tier music.

Freek van Workum


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Production Credits

Freek van Workum produces for industry major label artists such as 21 Savage, 2 Chainz, Yungeen Ace, Tech N9ne, Kehlani, Kid Ink, Lil Yachty, YG, Tyga and many more.

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