Dark HipHop Beat With Hook - "Under The Bed"

Dark NF x Eminem Type Beat (with chorus)
dark hiphop beat with hook
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First of all, you can use this beat for free if you credit the website.

For example: "Beat by https://www.freekvanworkum.net/" and you're good to go.

Secondly, let me describe the beat.

"Under The Bed" is a piano based hiphop beat with hook (chorus) that has a dark vibe.

I imagine this beat to be interesting for underground artists.

For example rappers that have a type of sound similar to hip hop legends such as Eminem or Tech N9ne.

In addition, personally, I could also hear an act like Hopsin or NF on this hip hop type beat with hook.

Since it has a modern 2021 type vibe, why not?

If beats with hooks interest you perhaps it's an idea to check out my Beats With Hooks Youtube channel.

"Under The Bed" - Dark HipHop Beat With Hook 2021 |

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