Save Me (rap beat with hook)

Free Rap Beat With Hook “Save Me"

(free beat with hook)
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Free Beat With Hook - "Save Me"

First of all, "Save Me" is a free Eminem type instrumental with hook that you can use free for non profit.

I can imagine that the low bitrate mp3 of the beat is not enough to finetune your recording.

Therefore, we also offer the track in WAV and WAV trackout format. 

You can download/lease these options from the player above.

"Save Me" is a free rap instrumental that has a female chorus.

The vibe is sad and dark.

The hook on this beat is unbelievably strong.

If you're music has a sound that's somewhat similar to Eminem, NF or Hopsin this rap type beat with hook is a must have.

Any questions? 

Please see our FAQ or contact us! 

Hook lyrics: 

Save me from myself
I really need your help
Im going under
Save Me from myself

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