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Raw Beat With Hook - "Apologies" (free)

Free Eminem Type Beat
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Shredding guitars, thumping 808s, hard acoustic hiphop drums.


"🚫 Apologies" is everything that slick modern rap is not.

Foremostly, it reminds of the style Eminem use on the Venom and Punisher OSTs.

Needless to say, this raw beat with hook is not for the faint hearted.

However, if you the sound artists such as Joyner Lucas, Eminem, Hopsin etc use
you're gonna love this track.

Now, download the free beat with hook using the download button up top and go make a hit.


Hook lyrics: 

No Apologies - cause Im not sorry
Im not guilty no - don't you ever try to guilt me

No Apologies - I don't owe you anything You don't fear me no - you'll be f***ng with the real me

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