Eminem type beat with hook 2021

Rap Beat With Hook [2021] “Shadows” (Eminem Type Beat)

Rap Beat With Hook [2021] "Shadows”

Eminem Type Beat
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"Shadows" is a dark and sad rap beat with hook with a 2021 (modern) type of sound.

Personally, I think that artists such as Eminem, Tech N9ne or NF would shine on a track like this.

For instance, the hook addresses the subject of anxiety and paranoia.

That's obviously a very popular theme in nowadays rap music.

In addition, us as artists, probably all have had some experience with that.

Hope you like this latest 2021 beat with hook. 

Feel free to download the free version if you'd like to demo the instrumental with chorus.

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Hook lyrics: 

All these shadows yeah they follow me wherever I go
Try to hide but they keep crawling right inside of my soul
Even when I turn the lights out they won’t leave me alone
All these shadows yeah they follow me wherever I go
Wherever I go

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