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Beats with Hook: “That’s Life”

"That's Life"

NBA Youngboy x Lil Baby type Trap beat With Hook

"That's Life" is a guitar driven trap beat with hook. The instrumental has a dark and serious tone to it.

It's probably not a surprise that the focus of the hook lyrics rhyme with that as well.

If you can't make out all the words exactly you can find the lyrics below.

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Beat Info

Beats with Hooks: "That's Life" | Trap Rap Instrumental with Hook [FREE]

"That's Life"


127 bpm

Cubase 11

🖊️Hook lyrics:

Chopping all damn day just to float my wrist yeah that's life

Can never leave the crib without that stick and that's life

She's doing an exchange for a little bit of fame that's life

Heard he lost his life for a little bit of fame that's life

That's life, yeah that's life x4

2021 Lil Baby x Youngboy NBA type hip hop trap beat with hook- "That's Life"

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