Rihanna type trap beat - slay

Rihanna type beat “Slay”

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Rihanna type beat “Slay” – trap beat

Check out FvW’s new Rihanna type beat titled “Slay” below:

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“Slay” reminds of the sound Rihanna has been using on recent records. For example, “Better Have My Money” or “Nothing Is Promised”. In case you are looking to hear more beats in this style, check out “RockStar”. You can find that in the beatstore on the homepage or on our Soundclick page (link under Social Media).


Rihanna type beat 2016

Ps, more Rihanna type beats are gonna be uploaded soon. In case you are wanting to grab a good deal haven’t heard enough beats you liked there is no reason to worry.
However, first Im gonna go back to producing more acoustic tracks. My next uploaded will probably have more piano or guitar in them again. Thanks for stopping by & see you soon!

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