Free trap rap beat with hook – “God Don’t Like Ugly”

Trap Rap Beat with Hook [FREE]

You can download “God Don’t Like Ugly” (with hook) for free using the download button in the widget below.

Tempo: 155bpm
Key: Fmin
DAW: Cubase 12

“God Dont Like Ugly” is a free trap rap beat with hook.

In case you decide to make a song with this beat please feel free to send it to my email when it’s done. Perhaps we could do more work together!

Hook Lyrics

God don’t like ugly
Look at what you’ve done
God don’t like ugly
Look at what you’ve become You’re chasing this money, these women, this paper
And you feel like the battle’s been won
but God don’t like ugly
Look at what you’ve done

Free Trap Rap Beat With Hook by Freek Van Workum

God Don’t Like Ugly” is a free trap rap beat with hook. You can instantly download this instrumental using the download button up top.

Sound wise, the this free beat is a mix of trap and rap. However, it also has a touch of gospel by way of the hook lyrics which are motivating and enlightening. 

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"Don't Like Ugly" - Free Beat With Hook

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Freek van Workum is a distinguished music producer celebrated for his exceptional free trap and rap beats.. Committed to supporting up-and-coming artists, he provides free beats with hooks, empowering them to develop their music careers. His creative vision and dedication have solidified his reputation in the music industry, garnering a devoted following and numerous partnerships.

Why Freek van Workum Makes Free Trap Rap Beats: Freek’s decision to make free rap beats available is driven by his passion for music and his desire to support the artistic community. By offering high-quality beats for free, he aims to:

  1. Community Engagement and Support: By offering free beats, Freek van Workum is contributing to the music community, especially aspiring artists and independent musicians who may not have the resources to afford and buy premium beats. This fosters goodwill and support within the community, which can be mutually beneficial in the long run.

  2. Creative Freedom and Experimentation: Releasing free beats allows Freek van Workum to experiment with different sounds and styles without the pressure of commercial expectations. This creative freedom can lead to innovative and unique productions that might not have been possible within the constraints of a paid project.

  3. Portfolio Expansion: Providing free beats with hooks helps Freek van Workum expand his portfolio, showcasing his versatility and talent to a broad audience. A diverse and extensive portfolio can attract a wider range of clients and opportunities in the future.

  4. Networking Opportunities: Free beats can serve as a gateway for collaboration with up-and-coming artists who might later achieve success. These early connections can lead to long-term professional relationships and future paid opportunities as these artists grow in their careers.

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