“Mama Said” – Free Type Beat With Hook

Free Type Beat With Hook - "Mama Said"

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Tempo: 150 beats per minute
Key: F minor
DAW: Cubase 12

Hook Lyrics:

Mama said life aint always easy
Sometimes it’s hard to find your way
But you gotta keep pushing through
Even when the skies are grey
Momma said there will be days of sorrow

Free Rap Type Beat With Hook by Freek van workum

Unleash your creativity with this dynamic instrumental track, featuring a captivating hook that intertwines pulsating basslines with intricate drum patterns and atmospheric synths. Perfect for rappers and singers, this beat sets the stage for powerful verses.  Listen now and get inspired! Last but not least, the outro has a switchup!

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"Mama Said" - Type Beat With Hook Free

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Freek van Workum is a multi-platinum music producer known for his versatile and innovative production style, which has garnered him international acclaim.
Over the years, he has collaborated with top artists across various genres, contributing to numerous chart-topping hits.
With a reputation for crafting compelling and high-quality beats, Freek continues to influence the music industry and inspire upcoming producers worldwide.

Why Freek van Workum Makes Free Type Beats With Hooks: Here are three reasons why Freek van Workum might create free type beats:

  1. Building Relationships: By giving away free beats, Freek can build strong relationships with emerging artists and producers. This can lead to future collaborations, paid opportunities, and a loyal fanbase that appreciates his generosity and talent.

  2. Showcasing Talent: Free type beats serve as a portfolio, showcasing Freek van Workum’s production skills and versatility. This can attract potential clients who might hire him for custom beats or other music production services, thus expanding his professional opportunities.

  3. Promotion and Exposure: Offering free type beats can help Freek van Workum reach a wider audience. By providing high-quality beats at no cost, he can attract aspiring artists and producers who may share his work, thereby increasing his visibility and reputation in the music community.

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Production Credits

Freek van Workum produces for industry major label artists such as 21 Savage, 2 Chainz, Yungeen Ace, Tech N9ne, Kehlani, Kid Ink, Lil Yachty, YG, Tyga and many more.

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